jtnimoy - we dont need no ojijoji

we dont need no ojijoji

I just replaced my girlfriend with a short script. She has an obnoxious but adorable way of singing songs. She substitutes creative variations of her affectionate nickname for me into the lyrics even if she knows the lyrics by heart. Singing songs this way is one of her methods for stealing my attention. In effort to give her an exhausting taste of her own medicine, I wrote a natural language translator that will take any song lyrics and produce the ojijoji'd version. The python code uses NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) to determine parts of speech and syllable count. Since Becca's human process depends also on the musical timing of the lyrics, I had to use commas to mark the counts. The code currently only computes for 4/4 time signatures. I am replacing nouns and verbs and such, but I think the algorithm would benefit from being able to compute cultural significance and other abstract sentiment, as this also is a determining factor in her human processing. I'd say my script is about 90% accurate in reproducing Becca's incorrigible bad habit.

we dont need no ojijoji
hey oji leave those kids a jo ! ojijo its just a joji jo oji jyo
oji joji ! give me a ji
will you still oji will you still joji when im oji jyo
strangers in the jo ojijo glances ojijo in the jo what were the chances wed be ojijo before the jo oji
youve lost that oji joji
i was oji as a joji in an ojijo that much is jyo
our jo in the oji of our ji
I want to oji like an ojijo
oji jean jo not my lover shes just a jo who joji i am the jo ,but the jo is not o jyo
are you ojijo ojijo fair oji jo rosemary joji
God jo you please mrs ojijo heaven holds oji for those who pray hey o jyo
you must be ojijo jo cause you shine on jo where ever oji
thats me oji joji thats me ojijo light oji jo ojijo
jo jo jo ojijoji pie drove my oji to the joji ojijo was dry the good old boys oji joji and rye oji this will be the jo joji jyo
here in my jo oji safest of all joji lock all my doors jo the only jo to live oji
R E S P ojijo find out what it oji jyo
You are ojijo of my jo thats why jo oji be joji
you can stand under my umberella oji joji oji
dude looks like an oji
ragdoll ojijoji oji
its close to mid jo and oji evils joji oji jyo
You would ojijo your eyes if ten oji joji flies jo up oji as i fell joji
ojijo that chunky oji ojijo jojijo joji oji
Been there jo that ojijo ojijo jo dont ojiji
Ill never let you oji off my jyo
This ojijo oji bulletji
This ojijo oji bullet jyo

If ji lost and ji look and ji will find me ojijoji
Submitted by James Powderly

wouldn't it be nice if we were oji, then we wouldn't oji joji jo
i'm an ojijoji with my pocket calculoji
Submitted by Marc Nimoy