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Due to unfortunate infrastructural mishaps between Shopify and Google Cloud, my old website's load time slowed down to unacceptable levels, and this affected traffic. Because I could not solve the bug, I am needing to port my entire site off of shopify and onto a dedicated google cloud vm instance. I hope that this lower-level style of access (rather than being stuck in liquid templating space) will prove far better for dealing with my overwhelming archive data. It is my plan for the future to bring back a more sparse, text-flowing look in preparation for long term resiliance. Now that the web seems to have caught up with my philosophies about the beauty of a text-only website, and the advantages of simplicity, let us move forward, and forget I ever tried to host my site as a shopify blog. I am deeply embarrassed, and want nothing more than to stop being homeless irl. Fixing my site is a good place to start. thank you for your understanding and patience. I will get to this when I get to it.

-- jtnimoy (apr 18, 2018)


  • export all personal data from shopify
  • visualize that data on this here page
  • list of links to social media
  • https://medium.com/@jtnimoy



    email: j@jtn.im